3 Budget Gaming Laptops and Buying Tips

So what is the best budget gaming laptop in 2019?. This is the question all Game lovers would love to ask. Today,  I’m going to do my best to recommend the best budget gaming laptops. So let’s get into it.

I should say here that I’ve researched and I spent quite a lot of time  and I eventually ended up with three models that I’m happy to recommend here so my top three budget gaming laptops for 2019.

Let’s start with the best deal first and then  move  on to the most budget one and finally  we are going to deal with the heaviest and beefiest one last.

First we got this Gaming Laptop with GTX 1050 with Optane Storage Acceleration.

HP Pavillion 15-cx0001na 

HP Pavilion 15-cx0001na

The laptop cost around $6990 (#270,000). You’re getting a Gtx 1050 with 2gb dedicated gddr at most  and core i5 8th generation CPU.

The best thing about this Laptop is that it actually comes with GTX 1050 TI with 4gb of video memory and 8th generation intel core i5-8300H with up to 4 gigahertz. You’re getting 8gb of ram which is still alright. For storage, 1 terabyte 7200rpm hard drive and this is a mechanical hard drive so although it is a fast-spinning drive that should be slower than a flash based SSD but considering the $699 price tag its

still a fantastic deal. here  low times will be a bit longer here but

you’re getting plenty of space for many games instead and I have researched a

bit here and it’s support both m2 and vme SST. If you want to upgrade later, you still have the option to install an SSD.  You can also upgrade the RAM up to 16gb later because you’ve got a free slot for that.

In addition you’re getting a Backlit keyboard. It also have onboard Wi-Fi that supports the AC standard. SD card reader, USB 3.1 and a full HD 15.6 inches are available on this PC. IPS display and the battery life that should

last you around 7.5 hours on normal Use and about 4.5 hours on heavy gaming.  though this laptop wasn’t the best choice gaming laptop, it is one of the cheapest gaming laptop I could find. If you want to checkout this laptop, click on the buy now button . Buy Now

Acer E 15 (E5-576G-6762) 

If you are looking for laptop that is even cheaper than the 600$, I would recommend this . Acer E 15 (E5-576G-6762) it is a great laptop that can solve your gaming needs. lt can play most of your heavy games without seizing or crashing. It is priced Around 550$. You can get it below 550$ as used or refurbished. I will not personally recommend or advise you to buy a used laptop especially when you intend using it for gaming.It is not good so don’t even try it.

The Acer is an 8th generation laptop. it came with processor intel core i5 8250 with U written on it. U here simply means ultra-low voltage. This processor is optimized for better power consumption and temperature. It clocked a little bit lower than the HP . Having said that, it is still a 4 core 8 threaded CPU and it has a max turbo frequency of 3.5 so it’s a little bit slower.

Best Deal

You’re getting 8gigabytes of RAM and 250 gigabytes of fast SSD. You got full HD 1080p IPS display 15.6 inches and a battery life that should last you around 15 hours if you’re only playing minesweeper on it. This laptop comes fitted with a dedicated graphics from Ambria called MX 150 with

two gigabytes of fast gddr5 memory although this isn’t the gtx 1050 card it

still performs quite good in games and yes it’s miles ahead of the integrated

intel graphics for around five hundred and fifty US dollar. It is a brilliant

deal. You can buy this Acer Aspire e 15 Here

                         Dell Inspiron 15 7577


I strongly recommend this dell machine instead and what makes this machine shine is of course the gtx 1060 and for under $900 it’s a brilliant deal sinceyou’re  actually getting the fastest gtx 1060 model with the 6 gigabytes of

ram again you got a 50 foot 6 inches full HD 1920 by 1080 pixels and a slightly

older Core i5 7300 HQ processor clocked at 3.5 gigahertz and 8 gigabytes of

RAM and a 256 flash-based SSD. You’re getting Thunderbolt 3 X

USB 3 and all the other stuff you’re always getting a laptop such as HDMI and

audio this brilliant laptop from a company I always ranked very high among

laptops in general. Dell has always been delivering high quality screens and

build quality in general and for under it is a very good deal.

 General Tips for Purchasing gaming Laptops





The three laptops we mentioned above are the the budget laptop we can recommend. individual opinion differs, if none of them caught your attention, here are some of my best general tips to have in mind when purchasing a gaming laptop these tips should help you out not ending up disappointed with low  stutter and yeah basically a sad experience. Lets start with the CPU.

Now when it comes to the CPU in a gaming laptop

you should look for a processor from Intel first and foremost and more specifically the core i7 now that more and more games are being optimized to handle more cores and threads. Yeah even the core i5 could potentially be worth looking into whoever with that said in nine times out of ten bottle necking in a gaming laptop will almost always be the graphics card so if you need to sacrifice something here definitely sacrifice a bit of a CPU as you want to spend as much that you possibly can on the graphics card now a few things here older CPUs from the 7000 series also known as the cable a for example the core i5 7300 HQ have four cores but are lacking hyper threadening but the newer 8000 series also known as coffee Lakes for example the core i5 8300 H have hyper threatening which will affect the gaming performance and will give you an increase in framerate per second in many games today but even more games in the future and it is important to understand you cannot upgrade this stuff later on but with that said what about AMD with price and mobile for example they should be back in the game rights? well, not quiet AMD is still years away from the gaming performance.

With that being said, we’re moving on to probably the most important piece of hardware when it comes to a gaming machine regardless if it’s a console a laptop or a desktop PC. I’m obviously talking about the graphic card this is also the one single component that will drag up the price the most so it’s  something to be aware of. Now since the launch of Sony PlayStation 4 pro and the Microsoft Xbox 1x game developers have been pushing what’s possible in games nowadays the visual aspect if you like and so the minimum requirements in many triple-a titles today have been moving up quite a lot since then as a result now that the game developers have roughly around 5 gigabytes of video memory to

play around with on the ps4 Pro and the Xbox 1x. 

Now with that said, generally in the lower budget-friendly price point you will find laptops with nvidia geforce gtx 1050 and Gtx 1050 TI models should be enough to play most triple-a titles in full HD or in 1080p but if you have a little bit more to spend here the GTX 1060 is definitely the way to go in my opinion and it will give you a computer that will last you a longer period of time now something we need to touch on here is the video memory in a gaming laptop the GTX 1050 for example comes with both 2 and 4 gigabytes of video RAM and to be frank 4 gigabytes is

the only one to consider here don’t even think about saving here  it is not worth it especially not in a gaming laptop you want to have at least 3 gigabytes of video RAM and so if you find a gaming laptop with the GTX 1060 that chip – also comes in a set of 2 different specifications we got 3 gigabytes and we got 6 gigabytes whereas the 6gb  is obviously the most   prefered but again 3 gigabyte is mostly enough for 1080p gaming.  If you want visually a great looking game however if you decide to go with a GTX 1060 with 6 gigabyte of video memory you should have the option to move up a step a resolution giving you the chance to gain at 1440p in this case if you have the cash to span four gtx 1060 with the 6 gigabytes it might even be worth it to jump up to gtx 1070 this will allow gaming at 4k now the most advanced graphics card is the GTX

1080 and this is a beasts among graphics chip in a gaming laptop this ship is a little bit extreme however and often costs more than what most people are ready to pay now something worth mentioning here talking about this graphic ship is M Vidya max Q every graphics card from Nvidia now comes with this max Q naming now what does this mean by default you would think that it means better performance but it’s not fully true it’s actually the opposite graphics card with the max Q naming have a lower clock speed and are optimized for better power consumption and energy efficiency which can keep laptops with a max Q GPU a tighter and more compact and ultimately a thinner design as a result and you should expect around 15% give or take performance loss with a max Q GPU but at the same time 30 to 40% less power consumption as a result to this so it’s a pretty good trade-off again as for AMD and Radeon AMD is still behind here when

it comes to graphics cards for laptops and shouldn’t be something to consider so as you can hear guys right now you want an NVIDIA GPU in a gaming laptop there are whoever always a few exceptions here and if you know about these few exceptions you can probably find something on your own since you clearly understand what you’re looking for now when it comes to primary memory RAM or storage 8 gigabytes of RAM are enough for most triple-a titles right now but the boundaries are constantly being pushed here and so even though 8 gigabyte is fine right now it is a minimum requirement in many cases safety wallet can handle it. 16 gigabytes is what I like to recommend when it comes to storage there are a few things to be aware of game takes up a ton of space many times around 100 gigabytes for a game is not usual that is why you shouldn’t buy a gaming laptop with just a single SSD with let’s say 128 or 250 gigabytes you want to be sure that you at least have one terabyte worth of storage a best looking scenario would be an SSD for your operating system and an additional let’s say mechanical Drive for your games and that’s about it.

Last but definitarely not least we got the screen. Of course today we have gaming laptops supporting 144 Hertz and support 4G sync this whoever is more premium like features in a screen so you need to be aware of that if aryou have a strict budget and you want as much bang for your buck so to speak generally it might

not be worth it for a limited budget if you can afford it to ever it’s

definitely something you want to consider for a more fluid tear less

experience and   that concludes my best tips in this buying gaming laptop guide. I know y tips may not be accurate or complete, if there are any other tip/tips you feel must be inclu please share on the comment box so that others will learn. 

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